DCM Dressmaking Workshop

From the Creator of Direct Construction MethodNeda Niquie

Discover A New EASY Method of Dressmaking & Create Garments For ANY Body Shape That Fit Like a Glove, WITHOUT Wasting Days/Weeks on Fitting

-- "'I LOVE making dresses, but getting caught in a spin of fitting confusion has sucked the life out of my sewing room."'

I hear this a lot from struggling sewists.

Honestly, any sane person would feel that way.

To make a simple, decent & wearable dress:

But, what if there was an easier way?

Through my 20+ years of sewing professionally, I built an easy system that anyone can follow & make any dress they want, in any size/shape they want.

I call this system, 'Direct Construction Method', and I'll be teaching it in this upcoming free workshop.

Imagine yourself one year from now.

Dressmaking is now a lot less technical, and a lot more artistic for you.

You see a dress in a magazine or a runway show, and think it would be nice for your silhouette.

Just a few days later, you complete the dress for yourself, with some design modifications matching your taste. No more pattern hunting, no more fitting nightmares. 

Would you rather keep doing what you're doing, get incrementally better at your craft, but keep aspiring to higher levels?

Instead, I can save you 5-10 years of hard work, by revealing you my shortcut --simple dressmaking system that just plain works.

If you're ready to 
become in control of what you choose to make, get rid of all fitting frustrations, and become a better dressmaker, sign up today & secure your spot!

Free 4-part Workshop

DCM Dressmaking Workshop will be LIVE
Feb 2nd - Feb 20th.

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Hi!  I’m Neda Niquie, and I teach the fine art of dressmaking.

I've been sewing and making dresses for over 20 years. 

Besides building a high-end bridal brand, and getting published in magazines such as Vogue, Brides, Martha Stewart, and many others, I've also helped hundreds of sewists gain confidence in making dresses that fit perfectly.   

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The Workshop will be LIVE Feb 2nd - Feb 12th


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