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New Book Reveals A Counterintuitive Audience Building Formula That Allows Artists To Easily Sell Their Art Online To Hundreds Of People Per Day (On Autopilot)”

"New Book Reveals A Counterintuitive Audience Building Formula That Allows Artists To Easily Sell Their Art Online To Hundreds Of People Per Day (On Autopilot)"

And this new way of building an audience of raving fans for your art has nothing to do with posting on Social Media or getting gallery representation (It also requires minimal tech or computer knowledge to implement).

What is the Artist Freedom Formula?

The Artist Freedom Formula is a counterintuitive approach to selling your art online, that allows you to put your work in the hands of thousands of people who actually want it, without spending hours on social media creating content.
We achieve this by creating artwork that people actually want and are actively looking for without losing the creative integrity and passion for what we do.
And as a result…you can have freedom of time, location, income and ultimate creativity – this is The Artist Freedom Formula.

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