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Become in control of what you choose to make, get rid of all fitting frustrations, and become a better dressmaker

Join the Direct Construction Method


Discover A New EASY Method of Dressmaking & Create Garments For ANY Body Shape That Fit Like a Glove, WITHOUT Wasting Days/Weeks on Fitting


-- "'I LOVE making dresses, but getting caught in a spin of fitting confusion has sucked the life out of my sewing room."'

I hear this a lot from struggling sewists.

Honestly, any sane person would feel that way.

To make a simple, decent & wearable dress:

You spend hours/days looking for a pattern
* Tape together & decode the patterns
Then you struggle for days & weeks altering patterns to get a proper fit!

But, what if there was an easier way?

Through my 20+ years of sewing professionally, I built an easy system that anyone can follow & make any dress they want, in any size/shape they want.

I call this system, 'Direct Construction Method', and I'll be teaching it in this Masterclass.

Imagine yourself one year from now.

Dressmaking is now a lot less technical, and a lot more artistic for you.

You see a dress in a magazine or a runway show, and think it would be nice for your silhouette.

Just a few days later, you complete the dress for yourself, with some design modifications matching your taste. No more pattern hunting, no more fitting nightmares. 

Would you rather keep doing what you're doing, get incrementally better at your craft, but keep aspiring to higher levels?

Instead, I can save you 5-10 years of hard work, by revealing you my shortcut --simple dressmaking system that just plain works.

If you're ready to become in control of what you choose to make, get rid of all fitting frustrations, and become a better dressmaker, sign up today & secure your spot!

To prove that my system works, we did a 10-day free workshop, where I introduced my methods.

More than 6200 people joined the workshop, and we all witnessed complete draping beginners actually construct a well-fitted Alexander McQueen gown, from scratch!

Seeing so many people constructing such a dress with this many cuts & seams, by just following about an hour of video instruction, is pretty amazing.

Click the image to view it in full size, and admire the transformation of our attendees!

Here's all the topics & projects I'll cover

For each module, you'll get a detailed video on how to drape them, and how to transfer them to patterns.

Week 1: Base Slopers

Basic Bodice with 1 Dart
Basic Bodice with 2 Darts
Straight Skirt
Tapered Skirt
A-Line Skirt
Basic Sleeve

Week 2: Darts

French Dart
Shoulder Dart
Center Front Dart
Asymmetric Dart
Empire Bodice
Gathers & Pleats

Week 3: Bodice Styles

Classic Princess
Armhole Princess
Dior Dart
Curved Dart
Fitted Torso
Surplice Top

BONUS: Padding Your Dress Form

Week 4: Knit Tops

Kimono Top
Asymmetric Draped Top
Lined Draped Top

Week 5: Skirts

Bias Draped Skirt
Godet Skirt
Peg Skirt

Week 6: Direct Design Method Skirts

90 degree Fold
180 degree + 270 degree Fold

Week 7: Dress Foundations

Sheath Dress
Shift Dress
Swing Dress
Tent Dress

BONUS: Blush Bridal Gown Project

Week 8: Structured Dresses

Princess Dress with Flare
Princess Line w/ Yoke (Relax Fit)
Panel Dress
Wrap Dress

Week 9: Sleeves and Collars

Reglan Sleeve
Puff Sleeve
Bardot Sleeve
Peter Pan Collar
Bateau Collar

Week 10: Project Week & Refining

Finishing Details
Fit Issues
What Type of Silhouette
Final Dress Project

BONUS: Vionnet-Inspired Gown Project


After you master the foundations, I know you'll want to take your skills up by another level, and tackle even more complicated gowns.

Because of this, I decided to add a few special "next-level" bonuses to the course.

Blush Bridal Gown Course

When you sign up to the Masterclass, you'll get my 'Blush Bridal Gown' course as bonus.

It's an in-depth course that starts with how I designed the gown with tulles, and goes into detail explaining the construction, patternmaking, and sewing process.

Along with that course, I'll record a special session on creating a bridal corset. This will add on top of the Blush Bridal Gown course, so you can choose to construct with or without a corset.

It will be a great module on corset-construction under your dresses & gowns.

Vionnet-Inspired Bias Gown

Second bonus, and the one I'm most excited about, is going to be a full course on how to create my Madamme Vionnet inspired gown

It is a gown that is draped fully on bias cut pieces.

It is one of my favorite dresses, also loved by my customers.

It will be a lot of fun to re-create this dress & record the whole process for you. I think you're going to love it too.

Padding Your Dress Form

In this bonus session, I'll go over every detail of measuring yourself, or your clients, and modifying your dress form to fit.

Along with the basics of padding up for bigger sizes, I'll also go over more tricky modifications of dress form, like elongating the torso, or shortening it, etc.

As there has been so many questions about this, I hope it will help make it very clear for you.

Kind Words from our Workshop Attendees

Catherine Augunas

Victoria, Australia

I came across Neda's workshop by chance thanks to a Facebook ad. I've been sewing for 20 years but have only used commercial sewing patterns. I always believed draping was for those with exceptional skills like Neda, not for everyday sewists like myself. I figured I had nothing to lose in signing up but potentially a lot to gain. And gain I did. Not only did I gain the skills to drape a beautiful dress that fits but also a new found confidence in my abilities.

Neda's lessons are very informative. She guides you step by step through the draping process, explaining how and why as she goes along. Each lesson builds on the information you've learnt in previous sessions, showing things in more detail, like truing up your paper pattern pieces. 

I've really enjoyed learning Neda's method, it's fun to do, gives very reliable results and I look forward practicing it more.

Sharelle Andrewartha

Victoria, Australia

And the dress has formed! Here's my sister modelling her new dress, doesn't she look just like a princess 😊 

As I have mentioned before I have been sewing for 8 years and have made quite a few things over the years but have only ever designed my own bathers so the thought of being able to design and make any dress that I want was so very exciting!

The workshop could not have come at a better time as I was just thinking of going into drafting patterns but now I know of a better way and that is draping which I had never heard of before beginning the workshop.

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and just can't wait to explore more into draping. I especially enjoyed the way Neda taught the technique quick, effective and not dragging out the video so it was amazing to be able to learn something in 20 minutes to then quickly apply the technique on my own mannequin. The quality of the production was great as well, everything was so clear and easy to follow.

After watching the first video my heart was pounding at the thought of all that I would be able to make, I am sure my mum is getting tired of me talking about it all the time.

I had a few hiccups while constructing the dress but now that I have done it once it will be much better the second time as I now have a plan in mind.

It is amazing to see how my view of sewing has changed so much in such a short time and now every time I look at a picture of a dress I immediately think about how I would drape that!

Thanks so much Neda you have changed my life and I am sure many others as well, I can see your passion when you are teaching and it is so motivating just makes me want to jump head first and never look back!

Greshna Dibble

England, UK

Having joined the DCM workshops on Facebook, I was extremely impressed with the video sessions and constructive comments offered by Neda Niquie in the workshop group. 

The instructions were clear and easy to follow allowing me to begin my first draped dress project. Help is always available and the question and answer sessions were a great opportunity to engage with Neda.

It is also lovely to see comments from Neda when people ask for help on the forum, the time and dedication shown are outstanding.

I came to the workshop as a reasonably experienced home sewist, having made many carnival costumes, bags, face mask, scrub hats, sun hats ect  I have also made several dresses and tops for myself in the last year. I have some experience in pattern drafting for my bags and similar items and a lot of experience in fabric doodling particularly when making costumes. 

I found the concept of draping extremely enjoyable and it has opened up a wealth of creative ideas for me to pursue which I can now confidently follow through and produce a wearable garment.

The glimpse into the world of a professional sewist is to be valued and hopefully the choice to share some of the wealth of knowledge gained by Neda will enable many to find a new creative and productive outlet via there sewing machines.

Valerie Mueller

I graduated from FIT with a degree in fashion design then went on to further my education in business.  I am now teaching one of my grandchildren to sew and felt I needed to go back to my roots and get back to draping.  One of my granddaughters is going to be tall and probably not be able to buy off the rack.  

Hearing about Neda’s offer to teach online was “so” very exciting.  I could not wait to see if I could find all my tools and start.  I was so excited to start draping.  To start I put all I knew away to try it the way Neda was showing us. Simultaneously I was hearing my FIT professor demanding perfection.  While not perfect I am pleased with my first draping in 40 years.  I should probably not drape while watching television.  

Neda’s style is perfection, she took the time to explain everything you needed to know as she went through each step of the draping process.  I watched each Q&A hoping to learn more and was not disappointed.  Neda appears organized, detailed, patient, professional and most importantly, relatable. 

The change in me:  Total excitement!  The muscle memory is coming back to feel the fabric and smooth it to where it is saying it would like to go.  Next is showing the fabric what I believe it should be doing and let the magic happen!

Sarah Jones

Missouri, USA

I came across Neda Niquie’s Online Fashion Workshop in a Facebook ad and jumped at the chance to get lessons in draping from someone as experienced as she. I expected a few video tutorials and maybe an email or two but I (and everyone else who signed up), received so much more!

Neda went above and beyond to insure that everyone who took her workshop understood each step. A Facebook group was created to allow sewist to help each other out and Neda hosted live Q&A’s to help answer any questions any of us had. She even created an extra video for those less experienced raises hand to help us fully understand the process.

In addition to the wonderful direction and support, Neda is incredibly motivational as she shares her story, the highs and lows, that got her to where she is today. She encourages us to try, to believe in ourselves, and to know that making mistakes are OK and part of the learning process.

Before this workshop I had never draped nor drafted my own pattern. I am self-taught and have been sewing garments using store bought patterns for a little over 2 years now. Neda’s instructions are so clear and her videos are produced beautifully to allow you to see all angles and really feel like you’re in the room with her. 

I am incredibly appreciative of Neda and all involved with her workshops. She has given me the confidence to really pursue my passion for design. Thank you Neda! I will be the first in line to join future workshops.

Beth Owen

New York, USA

As an amateur who sews as a hobby, I have always admired the beautiful dresses I’ve seen others create- while having a lack of confidence and little hope of ever making such gorgeous gowns for myself! Until I purchased the Blush Bridal Gown Draping course, that is. 

I had tried purchasing patterns in stores, online tutorials, print-at-home patterns; everything I could think of to get more clear directions and a better understanding of construction- (I even took classes at MOOD in Manhattan from a former Project Runway contestant!)

I always ended up stumped and frustrated on what seemed like a relatively basic concept. 

Neda’s course answered the questions that plagued me in the past and gave me the confidence to create dresses to which no pattern can compare! 

The ability to rewind/replay/revisit lessons is priceless.  I look forward to taking more classes with Neda- it’s like having a best friend who is also a seamstress and can answer any questions I may have!

Paige Maria Aziz

Nova Scotia, Canada

I am so thankful I took this opportunity to participate in a course by Neda Niquie. 

I am an amateur costumer turning pro, however I was becoming frustrated trying to grade my designs to fit other bodies because it never looked or fitted right. 

Neda has completely changed my approach and in the short time working with her I have solved the fit problems I was encountering. 

Neda Niquie is very friendly and approachable. Her hands on demonstrations are so helpful and she makes everything easy to understand. 

I would encourage anyone who loves to sew clothing or costumes to take her course, it will change your life.

Cheyenne Taylor Lee

South Korea

I had always wanted to learn to sew but was terribly intimidated by the craft.

 I spent hours looking through patterns wondering how I could possibly edit them into pieces I would like, but Neda showed me a unbelievably simple technique to make the dresses I wanted to make. 

Despite being a beginner, her class was accessible and she went out of her way to accommodate all skill levels. 

I am so grateful I was able to learn Neda’s direct construction method early into my sewing journey because I know it will help me achieve my sewing goals far faster than any other method.

Hello!  I'm Neda Niquie

And I teach the fine art of Dressmaking.

I've been sewing and making dresses for over 20 years. 

Besides building a high-end bridal brand, and getting published in magazines such as Vogue, Brides, Martha Stewart, and many others, I've also helped hundreds of sewists gain confidence in making dresses that fit perfectly.  

My work has been featured in:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know how to sew?

Yes, this Masterclass assumes you know how to sew.

You'll learn how to construct a lot of garments, and convert them into patterns. 

But you'll have to know how to sew them together.

Do I need a dress form?

Yes. We'll start with basic draping techniques, and build on top of that.

So you'll need a pinnable dress form (mannequin) to work with.

What are the course dates?

The masterclass begins on March 1st, and runs for 10-weeks. 

We will release each week's videos on Mondays, and have Live Q&A Sessions later in the week to answer questions, and do additional demos.

When does registration end?

We're closing registrations on Saturday, February 20th, at Midnight (Pacific Time).

How long can I keep the videos?

This Masterclass comes with lifetime access. 

So you can come back 10 years later and re-watch any part you want!

Do I get any  bonuses?

Yes, check above to see the bonuses that come with the Masterclass.

We prepared some amazing next-level bonuses, that are exclusive to this course.

Where can I watch the videos?

You can watch the course videos from anywhere, on any device.

As the courses are on-demand, you can watch them on your own time, whenever you are free.

Is there a community?

We will have a private Facebook group for the Masterclass attendees. It will be a smaller group, so expect to make some close friends!

Will I get extra help?

The Masterclass comes with a private Facebook group, where Neda will answer questions daily. 

We'll also have Weekly Live Q&A Sessions for longer questions, and for questions that require a demo.

Is there a guarantee?

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

So if you change your mind, or don't think the course is a right fit for you, then we'll refund your investment %100. 

No hassles, no hard feelings. 

Do I get any supplies?

No, we only supply educational courses.

You need to gather all the supplies from local sources.

What supplies do I need?

  • A dress form & sewing machine
  • Pins, scissors, red/blue/green pens
  • Muslin
  • Graphic or draping tape
    (2/8" or 1/8" are good size)
  • Needle point tracing wheel (necessary when we transfer them to paper)
  • Pattern paper or Dot paper for pattern-making
  • Curve Ruler, Straight clear rule
  • Adhesive Tapes or Clear sticky tapes
  • Measuring tape

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